Home LP (2017)


Home LP (2017)


12 Inch Vinyl LP — Includes Digital Download

HOME tells stories of loss, reflection, and rebirth. It's the product of 2 freewheeling recording sessions, capturing live energy from some of Chicago's most exciting improvisers. This collection of earthy folk songs explodes with intense energy through sonic experimentation and collective improvising.

"The immediacy of the album creates an immersive listening experience... Caleb Willitz has managed to capture the beauty of musical improvisation exceptionally, creating a sound that is the perfect accompaniment to a long drive, and reflection."

---GIG soup

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HOME — Official Music Video
Directed by Tatsu Aoki


1. Queen of All Mothers
2. Apparently Alive
3. Blade
4. Without a Sound
5. Love & Hate
6. A Day Like Today
7. Ring the Bell
8. Say You Will
9. Home


Caleb Willitz // Vocals & Guitar
Tara Smith // Vocals
Tatsu Aoki // Kana Bass
Rami Atassi // Guitar
Raul Cotaquispe // Drums
Fred Lonberg-Holm // Cello
Charles Rumback // Drums
Greg Ward // Alto Sax
Edward J. Wilkerson III // Tenor Sax

Produced by Caleb Willitz & Tatsu Aoki
Recorded by Jeff Breakey at Rosebud & Minbal Studios
Mixed by Caleb Willitz & Jeff Breakey
Mastered by Collin Jordan
Artwork by Mike Kloss